Rapper Nelly Arrested For Alleged Rape

Nelly arrested for allegedly raping a woman

Rapper Nelly has been arrested on allegations of rape.Police say a woman claims she was raped by the rapper on his tour bus.

Nelly in on a with Florida Georgia Line. The rape which was said to have taken place on Saturday morning at 3:48 Am is alleged to have happened inside the tour bus which had been parked in a Walmart parking lot in Washington where the rapper was performing.

The victim is said to have named Nelly specifically as the one who raped her.

The rapper’s lawyer says Nelly is a victim of a fabricated allegation.He adds that initial investigations have established that the allegation is of no credibility and is purely motivated by greed and vindictiveness.

The lawyer says he is confident, that once the scurrilous accusation is properly investigated, no charges will be brought against his client. Speaking further, he said Nelly is prepared to pursue the case on all legal avenues to redress any damage that has been caused by this clearly false allegation.

Nelly was released after being booked on second-degree rape charges early Saturday morning at around 7 AM.

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