Polyamorous Couple Say Having Multiple Partners While Being Married Is The New Future of Love

married polyamorous couple encorage people to have multiple partners

A polyamorous couple who have been married for twenty-two years say they are opening the window of a new beginning of love, as they both agreed to have multiple partners while still married to each other.

Carl and Kenya Stevens have been together for 22 years, and have had an open relationship for more than half of their marriage, with each having relationships with different partners who they bring into their home.

The couple who are from Asheville, in North Carolina, look for multiple partners on dating sites and say their three children are comfortable with their various partners living with them in the family home.
Kenya said Carl and her have been open for 12 years, and enjoy it so much that they support other people coming into this lifestyle. Carl believes that by 2050 polyamorous relationships will be as normal as monogamous relationships.

A study carried out in the US in 2016 that one in five people had practiced polyamory.
The couple who met on a blind date said it was love at first sight for them and were married within the first year after the met. But 11 years into the marriage, Carl admitted to being in love with another woman. Kenya said she was distraught at the news.

She then suggested that they both have their various partners rather than allow Carl cheat on her, It made her feel some sort of equality if the man can do it why can’t the woman?

Kenya says she does not know the number of partners she has as they are all over and adds that she gets along with her husband’s girlfriends very well as they don’t try to push her to out of her place.


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