Harvey Weinstein Says Family is Standing By Him As He Faces Sexual Harassment Accusations

harvey weinstein and wife georgina chapman.

Hollywood mogul and film director Harvey Weinstein has disclosed that he has had a very tough conversation with his family after the sexual harassment allegations brought against him and they are standing by him.

He said that he had to prove that he is worthy to his wife Georgina Chapman, a British fashion designer and his five children, but they were standing by him.

Weinstein expressed regret for his inappropriate actions towards women stretching back decades.He owned up to his mistakes and has also spoken frankly about his behavior with his five kids whose ages range between 5 and 22.

Weinstein also says he wants to earn the forgiveness of actress Ashley Judd who accused him of making indecent proposals to her repeatedly, 20 years ago.

There have been calls by the public to strip Weinstein of his CBE or Honorary Commander of the order of the British empire, given to him by the Quen of England in 204 for his contribution to the British film industry.
The New York Times said that the multiple Oscar-winning founder of film companies Miramax and The Weinstein Company had reached at least eight settlements with various women which includes one woman who said she was forced into giving him a massage while he was naked.

Weinstein is accused of asking young Judd to watch him take a shower and paid actress Rose McGowan $100,000 in settlement for an incident that took place shortly before her role in the movie ‘Scream’.

Weinstein blames his temperament for being the reason he thought it was okay to behave in such a way to young women who looked up to him to make a statement in the movie industry.He says he is remorseful to everyone he has offended, men and women alike.

The Oscar winner said he is targeted by forces that are similar to those who turned on Hillary Clinton during her failed Presidential campaign.

In a statement after the allegations surfaced, Weinstein said he has been taking counsel on gender power roles and agrees that he still has some way to go in improving his attitude to women, suggesting that he might check into a facility.



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