Groom Takes Perfect Revenge on His Cheating Bride-To-Be

groom gets perfect revenge on cheating bride

An Asian man took more than a pound of flesh in revenge on his cheating bride as he played a video of her cheating on him at their wedding in the presence of guests.

The guests at the wedding were surprised when they saw a montage of the pair’s relationship so far, but suddenly it cut into footage of her going into a hotel room with another man.

Singapore media reported that the couple was seen been intimately in the tape.The groom then told the bride to go to hell before reportedly storming out.It was not made known whether the wedding had been consummated as at the time the groom made the revelations about the bride’s affair.

The man had hired a private investigator some weeks before the wedding when he began suspecting his fiancee was cheating on him.The identity of the groom and bride were not disclosed but the groom is said to be a businessman.

The private investigator that was hired, Ms. Zhuo from Ajax Investigation And Security Services, spoke about the case to Singaporean media after the incident.

Ms. Zhuo said she expected that the customer would use the information provided about the bride-to-be cheating on him with another man in hotel rooms to call the engagement off, but was rather taken aback when she was invited to the wedding.

Ms. Zhuo had spent six weeks monitoring the alleged cheat before reporting back to the client.It was when she saw the tape of the woman being played at the wedding that she understood her client’s motivation.


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