Kim Kardashian Seems To Be Enjoying Wendy Williams’ Marital Trouble,says: ‘You’re The One With A Fake Marriage’

kim kardashian having the last laugh at wendy williams

Just as Wendy Williams is trying to move past her husband’s alleged cheating scandal, some of the people she has bashed on her show previously are enjoying the scandal.One of them is Kim Kardashian!

Fifty-three-year-old Wendy Williams has made a number of enemies for herself with her fearless attack on celebs, and now that husband Kevin Hunter is allegedly cheating on her, some of the people she’s badmouthed in the past are definitely enjoying seeing the tables turned!

Sources say Kim is enjoying all the rumors surrounding Wendy and her husband’s infidelity. Kim feels Wendy is always unfair in her criticism of her, her marriage to Kanye and the rest of the Kardashian family.

Kim was particularly hurt when Wendy bashed her marriage to Kanye, questioned their love, their relationship and said that what Kim and Kanye have was not a real marriage. Kim is the one with the last laugh and says if the cheating rumors are true, then Wendy is the one with a fake marriage.

However, not all celebs are happy Wendy’s marriage is shaking. Kevin Hart pregnant wife Eniko Parrish, feels sorry for Wendy and the allegations surrounding her marriage. Eniko who also is trying to handle infidelity issues with her comedian husband says standing by your man at times like this can be very challenging and difficult.

Meanwhile, WENDY Williams is alleged to have had a secret meeting with her attorneys as divorce rumors begin to spread.

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