Homeless Man Kills Wife and Son Of Man Who Took Him Into His Home

homeless man kills his benefactor and her son

A man has nearly been killed by a homeless man who had slaughtered his wife and son after he was taken into their home.

The homeless man named Aaron Barley has now been jailed for life for the brutal murders of Tracey Wilkinson and her son Pierce aged 13 in their house in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Barley came into the family’s life after being fed, given a job and given an accommodation by Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson after Mrs. Wilkinson found him begging outside a Tesco shop`.

Tracy’s husband Peter Wilkinson, who Barley left for dead after he returned home following a morning walk with his dog, expressed his regret for not keeping Barley away from his family.

Barley left his benefactor Mrs. Wilkinson, aged 50, dead on the floor and her son Pierce dying in his bedroom. Her husband was stabbed six times but managed to ring 999.

Mr. Wilkinson said that he knew something was amiss when he returned to the house after walking the family dog, as his wife had not left him a cup of tea, something she usually did.

In October 2016, Peter Wilkinson came home from work to see Barley sleeping in his driveway, after which he briefly allowed him to stay with them before an alternative housing was found for him.
Barley was caught on the CCTV footage from the family home on the day of the attack.He was seen in the garden before making his way into the house to carry out his cruel attack.

Pierce was stabbed at least 8 times and one of the cuts almost divided his spinal cord.He was found lying on his front, trying to crawl on the floor in his room. While his mum was found naked on her bedroom floor with twenty stab wounds.

As Mr. Wilkinson arrived home, Barley stabbed him six times and stole his Land Rover Discovery and led police on a chase, meandering between traffic and climbing the pavement before finally crashing into a wall.

Barley admitted to the double murders and attempted murder of Mr. Wilkinson but showed no remorse.

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