Man Encourages Wife To Jump off Plane After Sabotaging Her Parachute

MAN attempts to kill wife after tampering with her parachute

Army sergeant Emile Cilliers tried to kill his wife by sabotaging her parachute before she jumped out of a plane, in order to get £120,000 from insurance after he started an affair with another woman.This was after an earlier plan to kill her with a gas leak failed.

Emile is alleged to have damaged a gas fitting in the home he shared with his wife Victoria Cilliers, a few days earlier in an attempt to kill her after meeting a new lady on the dating app Tinder.

After the gas leak attempt failed, Emile is said to have suggested to his wife who is an experienced instructor and parachutist to go parachuting with him the next weekend.

When Victoria Cilliers jumped off the aircraft, her parachute failed and she fell helplessly to the ground.
Victoria survived the fall but was left with broken ribs, spinal injuries, a broken leg, and a broken collarbone.

It was later discovered that two vital pieces of equipment were missing from the parachute without which the kit would fail.

In messages sent to his girlfriend, Emile claims that his wife had a child that was not his but from another affair she had, while still with him.

Emile believed that he would  get 120,000 pounds from insurance policy to settle part of his debt and start a new life with his Tinder girlfriend when his wife dies, but did not know that his wife had recently changed her will, excluding him from benefiting from the will, because she did not believe he could manage the money properly by himself.

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