Ever Wondered Why Women Love To Gossip?

why do love to women gossip?

When two or three women are gathered together, there is bound to be gossip.Whether intentionally or intentionally, their conversation most times gradually moves from general issues into gossip.

A new study seems to suggest that gossip is a tactic or means to badmouth potential rivals who are competing for a man’s attention.(really?)

The study says that gossiping is a social skill that is developed over time and is essential in forming relationships.It also goes on to say that though men and women love to gossip, men tend to gossip in a different way and about completely different things compared to women.

Generally, men gossip about achievements while women love to gossip about the appearance of others.Women love to gossip about the way other women look while men gossip about, cars, athleticism and wealth of their rivals.

The quest for attention sometimes motivates women into gossip.Sometimes this attention seeking may not necessarily be directed at the opposite sex.Women gossip to also get noticed by their mates.

People who are competitive towards the same sex (that is, both male and female) have a higher tendency to gossip, and women gossip more and also enjoy to gossip more.

Gossip also has greater social value to women because it allows them to gather more information about their competitors in the game of finding a partner.

Gossip is more linked to finding a mate rather than being a character flaw.

*******This study is not complete, it should have told us the consequences of gossiping.Some people’s gossip can lead to another world war.

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