Woman Jailed After Remains Of Baby Whose Pregnancy She Hid Was Discovered After Three Years

sentenced to jail for dumping her dead baby inside a drain

A woman has been sentenced to prison for hiding the remains of her newborn son named William in the drain in her parents’ home.

Sinead Connett was said to have kept the remains of the baby in her car for up to three days before finally hiding it in a drain behind her parents’ home in Grimsby. The body was not discovered until after three years.

At her conviction, the circumstances surrounding the death of the baby was still unknown because of the web of lies Sinead wove in police interrogations.

The newborn was found to have a fractured skull, though this may have been possibly caused by a shovel used in extracting his body. Connett, however, told police he was stillborn.

It was learned that Connett’s husband, Jonathan Layfield, former history teacher was in an inappropriate relationship with one of his underaged school pupils at the time of her pregnancy.

Connett hid the pregnancy from her husband and delivered the child in her bathroom while he was at work and without his knowledge.It is unknown whether she was aware of her husband’s affair in the months while she was pregnant.

Sinead Connet, however, claims that she feared the pregnancy would put a strain on their relationship because, at that time she gave birth, she and Jonathan were not married but were living together.

Connett is said to have hidden the body in the trunk of her car for two or three days before driving 160 miles to her parents’ house where she dumped the body behind a drain.The body was concealed in a towel and plastic bags before being dumped.

At the discovery of the body, Connette denied any knowledge but DNA evidence proved that she was the mother of the child and Jonathan was the father, even though Connett had lied that she was pregnant after being raped.

She was sentenced to 12 months in prison after admitting concealment of a birth.

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