Eating Disorder Patient Loses So Much Weight,Her Hips Protrude Through Her Skin

eating disorder patient narrates her ordeal from the illness

An anorexia sufferer says her eating disorder was so bad, so much that she used to hide food in her ears to avoid eating it.

Julia Janssen said she would also smear butter in her hair so she wouldn’t have to swallow.Therapists say she has one of the worst cases ever to be seen when she was finally admitted to hospital and her weight was very little.

Julia said sometimes she was even terrified to drink water for fear of it being contaminated, and wouldn’t touch food because she was scared it would be absorbed through her skin.

She began to lose large chunks of hair, leaving her with bald patches.Taking her bath was a huge deal for her and could take hours before she was done with it leaving her physically exhausted.

Her blood pressure became very low that she fainted many times in a day with her lips and fingers turning blue because she was constantly cold despite wearing thick clothing all year round.

Julia lost control of her bladder and also suffered open wounds because her skin was so thin that her hip bones could be seen protruding through.

She was so scared of growing fat that she would wake up at night to exercise in order to burn the little food she had eaten.

Julia said she destroyed most of her favorite bags because most food she was given usually ended up there, or in her pockets or behind the chair.

Anorexia is an eating disorder which is characterized by an abnormally low body weight, fear of gaining weight as well as a distorted perception of body weight.

People who suffer from anorexia do everything they can to control their weight and shape, using extreme methods.They control the or restrict the amount of food eaten by eating less or vomiting after eating or using laxatives.They also tend to over-exercise in order to control their weight.

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