Rapper 50 Cents Sued For Posting His Own Photo On Instagram

50 Cents sued for using hos photo on his IG handle

Rapper 50 Cents has been sued for hijacking some of his own photos taken by a photographer back in 2014 and pasting them on his social media handle to pimp some of his products as well as himself.

In a lawsuit, Christopher Pasatieri who claims to be a professional photographer says he had taken the pictures of 50 Cents and some of the pictures ended up on 50’s Instagram page, with each of the pictures generating over 42,000 likes.

In court documents obtained, Christopher Pasatieri also submitted a screenshot of the rapper’s Instagram posts that shows 50 pimping his SMS Audio headphones as well as the TV show, “Power.”

The photographer says the rapper did not license the pictures, neither did he ask for permission to post them on his IG page.

Pasatieri, however, did not say when he took the pictures of 50 Cents but it seems it was taken at a concert in June 2014 at Citi Field where he performed with G-Unit, which by the way, is also being sued for damages.


Wow! Imagin being sued for using your own picture!

From TMZ

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