Anambra Jungle Where Homosexuality And Prostitution Thrives

jungle where homosexuality trhirves in nIGERIA

The ‘jungle’ popularly called ‘kara’ is located along Atani road in Nkutaku Community, Ogbaru local government Area of Anambra StateIt is close to Uga junction in Onitsha.

An investigation revealed that three major atrocities are being carried out in the community with the alleged knowledge of the security agents.

Residents say that apart from the fact that the place is a sort of haven and hide out for criminals, it is also their take-off point for operations and drugs are freely sold there.

The most worrisome of the atrocities is that both female and male prostitution is a norm and the town is structured like the city of Sodom.

The female sex workers are said to be unhappy because the male sex workers have taken over the business they say is meant for women.These male sex workers come from all over the country and even from Togo and their clients also cut across all tribes of the country.

The place is said to have been in existence for years and has been satisfying the sexual needs of both male and female clients.

Male sex workers are said to collect between N10,000 and N20,000 per session, depending on the status of the client involved.The workers prefer to use the ‘jungle’ because of the risk of going home with unknown clients.

Their clientele range from top politicians, businessmen, and senior civil servants who are homosexuals.
Security personnel is also said to patronize the place.

This trend has become very worrisome as there has been an increase in homosexuality across the country.It is no longer a thing to be hidden as it used to be and one begins to worry if there are no laws in place against the act of Sodomy in the country.

culled from pmnews

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