Woman Dies After Taking Supplements To Enlarge Breast

WOMAN DIES OF taking SUPPLEMENT to enlarge breast

A Thai woman from Prae has died after she took supplements which she bought online to enlarge her breast size and get white skin.

Wijitra Jantaphrom was later said to have developed kidney disease and died in her own bathroom before help came.

Relatives had arranged her 35th birthday party celebration on Friday, September 22, but she didn’t show up.Her cake was presented to her at her funeral.

Wijitra Jantaphrom had taken the herbal supplements capsules a few months ago and it initially seemed to be working as her complexion improved.Wijitra, a mother of one even recommended the supplements to her friends.

Soon afterward her face began to swell. She went to a hospital but passed out on the way and was said to kidney disease as a result of taking the pills.

She went back home and her health deteriorated. She was said to have passed out again in her bathroom and there was no one around to help her.

This is the danger of taking so-called supplements that have not been tested and approved b the health bodies concerned.

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