OJ Simpson,Former American Football Star and Double Murder Suspect Released From Prison


OJ Simpson, the former American football star, and a double murder suspect has been released on parole after nine years behind bars for an armed robbery in Las Vegas.

Now 70 years old, Simpson, spent 8½ years in prison for an armed confrontation with two sports memorabilia traders in 2007, in a Las Vegas hotel room.

He was sentenced to 33 years in a Nevada prison in Lovelock but won a parole plea in July due to good behavior and other credits earned in custody.

Brooke Keast, Nevada state prisons spokeswoman told The Associated Press that Simpson was released early today, Sunday, October 1st. She says she does not know who picked up Simpson after his release and does not know where he was immediately headed in his first hours of freedom.

Brooke added that Simpson was released from the prison under the cover of darkness to avoid media attention.A video and picture of Simpson leaving the prison were posted on Facebook by the Nevada Department of Corrections.

Simpson was found not guilty in 1995 of murder charges brought upon him for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, in what was said to be the most highly publicized murder trial in history. Nicole Brown met Simpson when she was 18 and he was married to his first wife.

After Brown and her Ronald were found dead outside her home in 1994 OJ Simpson was questioned by police and later ordered to turn himself into police.He however fled and was chased by police convoy which was broadcast live on TV.

His trial became the trial of the century that gripped America and the world.At the trial, the murder gloves were given to Simpson to wear but they did not fit him and his attorney told the jury to acquit him based on that proof.

He was acquitted, but two years later, he was found liable for the murders in civil court and ordered to pay the families of the victims $33.5 million.

The attorney for the Goldman family, says the judgment amount has almost doubled with interest over the years to above $65 million, adding that the family will continue to pursue him for the payment.
Much of Simpson’s wealth is said to be untouchable because it is held up pension funds.


Simpson has four kids, two with his first wife Marguerite, named Jason aged 46 and Arnell aged 48 and two with his second wife Nicole, Syndey aged 31 and Justin aged 28.

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