Here’s The Best Way To Cleanse Your Face

best facila cleanser is lukewarm water

A lot of us have definitely tried, the various skin cleansing products ranging from scrubs, cleansers, and plasters available in the market claiming to remove dirt out of our pores. But do we really need to clean our pores?

Dermatologists now say the pores on your face, just like our ear canals, are designed to clean out themselves. So leaving the ear and the face to clean itself is just OK.

There are several reasons why pores become blocked and form blackheads under the skin.

Blackheads are mainly dead skin and dirt.Also, bacteria, hormones and too much cleansing which can cause irritation and thickens the skin in the process can also block the pores.When the pores are blocked, more pressure is put on the oil gland which can rupture and release oil which is known as acne.

It best not to squeeze blackheads so much because it may cause the oil glands to rupture back into the skin, resulting in a worse reaction. Preferably, buy a special blackhead removing tool from the chemist as it avoids breaking the blackhead under the skin.Medical gels that can clear pores are also available.

Taking products containing Vitamin A can also prevent the skin lining the pores from becoming thick, so the oil glands do not become blocked and lead to acne.

If your skin type is normal ,and without acne and you just want to clean your face, wash your face gently with lukewarm to avoid irritating your skin. Hot water can cause your face to become inflamed and dry, so stick with cool or lukewarm water or you can use a gentle cleanser, but if your skin type is dry,please avoid using a cleanser.

After washing your face pat it dry with a soft towel and never scrub or rub your face because it can cause the pores to be irritated and blocked.

Using a chemical exfoliants like alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid will leave your skin exfoliated and treat acne without having to scrub it. If you overdo it, the skin will dry out, flake and scale.

Steaming your face makes blood vessels inflamed and cause  red rash.Also, heat is known to age the skin quickly, so avoid steaming.

Facial scrubs like Gels,cleansers, creams, and scrubs which contain tiny particles that exfoliate your face can cause swelling and block the pores.

Clay masks and pore-strips are also bad because they pull out the substances that accumulate in pores faster than nature intended, but they are relatively more gentle on the skin as compared to the scrubs.

Bottom line, if you must cleanse your face, its best to use lukewarm or cool water.If you feel your skin is too oily, use a cleanser that is gently to prevent more damage to your skin.

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