Chinese Tourists Cause Stir As They Flock Grenfell Tower Fire Site To Take Selfies

chinese tourists cause stire at Grenfell tower fire site

A Chinese tour guide has been sent back to China after he took a busload of Chinese tourists to the Grenfell Tower fire site which saw about 80 people dead.His actions sparked outrage as the tourists were seen taking pictures of Grenfell Tower.

The visit which was unauthorized saw a bus-load of the sightseers dropped off near the tower, which was gutted by fire in June, a blaze which has been described as one of Britain’s worst fire disasters.

Survivors of the fire incident have criticized the action as insensitive to the pains of others, saying it is wrong to turn someone’s disaster to a tourist attraction.One witness John Gregory said when he approached the bus driver, he said that the tourists were health and safety experts from China.

The incident happened on the day that three victims of the tragedy were being buried.

The tourists’  action has sparked outrage online, with angry Grenfell supporters calling their behavior disgusting and disrespectful.

The driver has been suspended as the visit was unauthorized by his company.

Chinese tourists are said to have unusual habits.They continued to visit a local pub in the UK after former prime minister David Cameron took their president to the pub to have a drink.

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