Swedish Gender-Neutral School Bans The Use of The Words ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’

swedish schools ban use of the words boy and girl inn in identifying kids

These days, the sex of a child can be determined even before it is born, and ones the child is born, its gender determines how they are dressed, which toys they will get and how they are supposed to behave in the society.

However, some Swedish schools are trying to do away with away such gender differentiation with the increase of gender-neutral preschools.The schools do not have specific toys or play areas for boys or girls, they are arranged in such a way that anybody can play with any toy.The kids have the freedom of crossing gender boundaries.

Instead of encouraging the kids to do particular things associated with a gender, the teachers are careful not to restrict the children based on their gender, neither do they discourage them from doing certain things.

The terms “girl” and “boy” have been completely removed, rather there is a deliberate effort to call each child by their first name or “hen”, the gender-neutral pronoun.

In these gender-neutral schools, dramatizations are made to include the non-nuclear family settings such as gay couples and single parents. Stories that portray princes sweeping princesses off their feet are reversed to see Princesses sweeping Princes off their feet.

The question now is, what are the long-term effects of such measures?

Sweden is ranked as the fourth most equal country in the world and the government has made efforts to emphasize equality in their Education system.

Psychiatrists have greatly criticized this form of ‘brainwashing’ of children into believing that there is no difference between a girl and a boy. Some argue that such indoctrination was bad for the kids who will later realize that have been living a lie when they eventually go to normal schools.

Truly, such ideas are not based on science but are being blind to biological difference, one psychiatrist said, and finds it rather odd to call a child ‘it’ or ‘hen’.

****This is a rather abnormal thing to do.God has a reason for creating men and women. These kids will end up with confused personalities.

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