Your Bag Could Break Your Back!

your heavy bag is breaking your back

People seem to be carrying more baggage around these days than ever before.Baggage here does not refer to the emotional traumas we go through.It means BAGGAGE in the literal sense.Children are taking heavy textbooks, so many notebooks to school and their lunch boxes too are put into their backpacks which eventually end up on their backs.

Adults are not left out especially ladies.We stuff our purses and workbags with both the essentials and the items we may not have a need to use probably in the next five months and we carry them along adding unnecessary weight to the bags which gives us backaches.

So many of people suffer from back pain and or neck pain at one point in their lives. Although most cases of backaches are treated with painkillers and do not land you in the hospital bed, in the long run, it is bad for your health because most people tend to abuse painkillers in a bid to make us feel better from the aches.

Spine-health in kids has become an issue of concern as heavy backpacks have been known to affect the lower backs of kids which could also lead to disc compression.Heavy backpacks in children can also alter the shape of their spine.Ever noticed how a kid whose backpack is heavy walks?They tend to bend over while trying to pull the weight in the bags around, and their shoulders tend to become slanted.

Our youngsters who prefer to carry their heavy backpacks improperly also end up backaches, poor posture, shoulder issues and headaches.Wearing a bag on one side can muscle imbalance in the spine and shoulders.

It’s about time we gave our bags a complete health makeover.We need to sort through our bags regularly to see what we actually need and absolutely remove the stuff we do not need and then find a way to distribute the weight of the bag as we move around.Heavy items should be put at the bottom and closer to the body.This tip can also be applied to your wallets, which can easily become bulky and heavy without you taking note.

When shopping for purses, work bags or backpacks just don’t look at the beauty of the bags, rather go for smaller sizes and get bags that lies close to your body.When you have a larger the bag, you will surely be tempted to fill it up with unnecessary things.

For our kids, make sure their backpacks fit close to their bodies.Also, discuss with your child’s teacher to see how they can help reduce the load they carry about.

Ideally, your child’s bag should weigh between 10 to 15 percent of the body weight.

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