Shocking Image Shows A Shark Biting A Man And Refused to Let Go Until It Was Killed

shark attacks man in florida waters

A diver has been attacked by a small shark as he went looking for lobsters in Marthon, Florida.He had to remove the shark from his stomach by killing it with a knife after the shark latched onto him while in the water.

A Shocking video footage shows the man named Ervin Maccarty coming out from the water into a boat with the small shark attached to his tummy refusing to let go of him.

He is heard swearing in the video while the shark starts to struggle, sending Mr. Maccarty down on his back in pain.

His friends on the boat immediately come to his aid and decided to cut into the shark with a knife allowing it to bleed till it let go of Ervin Maccarty.

Narrating his ordeal, Mr. Maccarty said he struggled to get back to the boat after the shark hit him hard and knocked the breath out of him.As she struggled to swim up for air the shark continued biting him trying to tear him open.

He said he had to get to the boat with no hands to swim with as he held onto the shark while trying to pull it off him.

As he got to the boast he still tried to pull off the shark, perhaps not wanting to hurt it, until he realized that the only way the shark would let him go without tearing into his stomach was to kill it.

Eventually, his friends stuck a knife into the shark killing it and saving Erwin Maccarty.


***** that’s a rather horrific experience.What if it was a bigger shark?

image credit: newsflare

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