‘Womb Raiding’ Woman Slits Throat of Pregnant Childhood Friend Before Cutting Out Her Baby

woman murders her childhood friend to steal her unborn child

Ashley Wade, a woman from Bronx is accused of slicing her childhood friend’s throat on her wedding day to prevent her from screaming before going on to cut her entire womb out to steal her baby girl.Ms. Wade then dumped the uterus on the bathroom floor.

Her friend Angelikque Sutton aged 22 at the time of her death, was almost nine months pregnant and was literally on her way to the courthouse to marry her fiance Patrick Bradley when she stopped by the home of her friend, Ashleigh Wade in 2015.

Prosecutors say, Ashley Wade, who cunningly lured Ms. Sutton to her apartment after promising her a gift, had sinister plans for Sutton.They say Wade’s attack was well planned and calculated as it took place in stages.

Wade who was said to have been carrying a fake pregnancy in the months preceding the murder of her friend, attacked the victim by repeatedly stabbing and slashing her face and neck cutting also her major blood vessels making her unable to scream or struggle.

Ashley Wade then allegedly took a kitchen knife and sliced open the lower abdomen of Sutton after which she proceeded to cut open the uterus of the deceased took the baby from the uterus and dumped the uterus on her bathroom floor.The baby who is named Jenasis luckily survived.

Graphic photos of the bloody scene, Sutton’s butchered body as well as her uterus that was left on the bathroom floor were shown to Jurors.

Prosecuting counsel described the child’s survival a proof of Wade’s calculation and precision of the attack, as she needed the baby alive and the mother dead.She needed the baby to prove that she was actually pregnant when she finally ‘delivers’ her child.

Wade’s attorney, Amy Attias, however, argues that her client did not kill Sutton intentionally and that something may have gone horribly and terribly wrong with Wade’s mind.

Wade was found by her boyfriend holding baby Jenasis next to her late mother’s body.

Cops were called in and they arrived at the crime scene about 30 minutes after the killing. As she was being taken into custody she kept screaming that the child is hers.

The parents of the victim were in court and testified said they had first heard about a young lady that was viciously attacked on the news and did not know it was their daughter.

Sutton’s fiance who had been dating her for eight years was also in court as the trial began.

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