UK Based Nigerian Man Jailed For Attempting To Run Over Man He Owes Money

nigerian man jailed in uk for trying to run down his creditor

Self –acclaimed millionaire and city trader Elijah Oyefeso aged 23 has been jailed after he tried to run down a man he owes money to.

The Mail Online, reports that cash-strapped Elijah attacked his creditor Dennis Ofosu during an argument over a debt, in front of the Goals soccer center in Southampton.

Oyefeso, who had once boasted that he earns £90,000-a-month, was said to be indebted to Mr. Ofosu after borrowing cash to buy a Land Rover.

The trader was heard telling  Dennis that If he were in London, he would kill him before ramming his Toyota Prius into the ex-soldier, throwing him onto the bonnet.

The self-acclaimed millionaire was sentenced to two and half years in prison at the Southampton Crown court.H e was convicted for dangerous driving and possessing a weapon in a public place.

The trader who has before now boasted of his flamboyant lifestyle on social media, posed alongside a fleet of cars in a series of smug snaps to his 30,000 Instagram followers, showing off a gold Lamborghini Gallardo, Rolls Royce Wraith, and Bentley Continental.

He had also featured in the Channel 4 TV show ‘Rich Kids Go Shopping’, in which he was recorded as he traded online, making £1,000 in 15 minutes.

Oyefeso’s lawyer Jamie Gammon said that while his client lives a champagne lifestyle online, his actual financial status was a drastically different story.Adding that if Oyefeso had the money he would have simply issued a cheque to Dennis Ofosu.



The judge condemned the defendant’s false lifestyle and accused him of lying about his wealth.

Mr.Ofosu’s prosecuting counsel Richard Martin said his client loaned money to Oyefeso to enable him to purchase a new 4×4 to add to his fleet of cars, and when he asked for his money to be paid back, Oyefeso became angry, got behind the wheel of his car and attempted to knock him over.

Oyefeso’s friends were said to ask him: “Why don’t you get rid of this waste man?”’ Oyefeso went on and ran his car into the ex-soldier who ended up on the bonnet of his car.In a bid to hold on to safety, he grabbed the windscreen wipers while Oyefeso said to him ‘I would kill you’. He went on to put the wipers on sending the victim to the floor.

Oyefeso, claims he started his trading company with his student loan after dropping out of Buckingham University and quitting his job at a local restaurant where he served Pizza.

He was served a 12-month jailed term for dangerous driving, 18-months for being in possession of a weapon in a public place.The sentences are to run consecutively. He also got three years and three months driving ban.



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