Kyle Jenner Reportedly Pregnant for Travis Scott Amid Worries by Family

kyle jenner pregnant for travis scott

There has been several rumors that 20-year-old entrepreneur Kyle Jenner is pregnant and some in her close pals and family are said to be very concerned.Sources say her family thinks Kylie is too young to have a baby.

The reality star’s inner cycle say Kylie’s whose is purportedly pregnant for her boyfriend Travis Scott, is very naive.One close pal stressed that spending time with someone else’s kids is very different from being a mother saying Kylie has no idea about the hard work and sleepless nights mums go through.

The source added that when Kyle was with her ex, Tyga, when things were good, she talked about having a baby. Spending time with her nieces and nephews, and also Tyga’s son, she said she was ready to have a child. Her family always begged her to use protection.

Travis Scott started dating Kyle this April the same month she broke up with Tyga.

TMZ broke the pregnancy story on Friday and reported that Kylie’s Travis is the father, while People magazine claims the baby is a girl and is due in February 2018.

Kylie and Travis are said to be excited about the baby but have not publicly confirmed the news neither has any of her family members confirmed the rumors.

Tyga who was spotted as he went shopping refused to answer questions about the pregnancy which he initially claimed to be his in a Snapchat which he has since deleted.

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