Meet Britain’s Largest Family With Twenty Kids

britains largest family welcomes 20th child

Britain’s largest family has increased again after Mrs. Sue Radford gave birth to her twentieth child but said this is her last child.

42-year-old Mrs. Radford, welcomed her 11th son named Archie on Monday after one hour of labor just as her husband Noel aged 46, says he still will not get a vasectomy.

Sue, who is a grandmother already, said she is happy to stop having kids on a ‘nice even number’ after she carried her baby who weighs 8lb 6oz in her arms at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

The couple who are from Morecambe, Lancashire, met when Sue was just seven years old., and had their first child Chris aged 28 years now when Sue was 14 years old.The opted to keep the child since both of them were given up for adoption at their birth.

At the age of 17, Sue and Radford got married and moved into their first home together and got married.Not long after that they had their second child, Sophie, and went on to have 18 other children including the newborn Archie whom they say is the last.Though Sue says it feels strange knowing she’s not going to have any more kids.

Mr. Radford who owns a pie company said the childbearing was going to end at some point, and they both think this is the time.He feels sad in some way but says they can get on and enjoy the kids.

Never did they imagine that when they had Chris many years ago that we would go on to have 19 more wonderful children. The Radford house is busy and a little bit crazy, but they would not have it any other way, they say on their website.They had announced in, March that baby number 20 was on the way.The family comprises of 11 boys and 9 girls.

Baby number 19 Phoebe arrived on July 24, 2016, over a year ago.

The couple became grandparents through their daughter Sophie who has three children already.


The family lives in a large house they bought 11 years ago and are happy because they do not any credit cards or finance agreements, and enjoy a holiday abroad every year.

Food shopping per week costs them £300.They consume 18 pints of milk, three liters of juice and three boxes of cereal every day.

They budget £100 for presents to celebrate their children’s birthdays while at Christmas £100 to £250 is set aside.

Mr. Radford had previously a vasectomy during his wife’s ninth pregnancy but later reversed it when they decided to have more children.
Typically their day starts early in the bakery. Mr. Radford comes back home every day at 7.45am to get the children to the nursery at school.
All their uniforms sorted out the night before, while breakfast is in two shifts.

Six of the children attend the same primary school and five are at the same secondary school. They go to school in a minibus which, can take more than nine passengers.

The three youngest kids, Oscar, Caspar, and Hallie, remain at home with their mother Sue, but Oscar goes to nursery in the afternoons.

The family laundry in done in loads a day, uses four tissue papers per day.Bathing starts in the evening by 6 pm after which the little kids go to bed at 7 pm while the older ones stay up until 9 pm and their parents retire by 10 pm.

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