Two Nigerian Men Struggle For Ownership of A five-month Old Boy

two nigerian men fight over child's paternity

Ajayi Tosin and Kesiena Tito,two Nigerian men are currently in contending the paternity of a five-month-old baby, Emmanuel Omkhode Ajayi ‘s paternity in Warri, Delta State.Both men are claiming to be the father of the child delivered by an eighteen-year-old girl.

The issue became aggravated when Ajayi was said to have been taken into custody by the police over the weekend following a petition of “Threat to Life” by Kesiena to the Nigeria Police Area Command.


Dailypost reports, that Tosin Ajayi, who is a twenty-three-year-old barber claimed to have been living with Blessing Iroroteh since 2015 before she gave birth to a bouncing boy this year, 2017 while still living in his house.He also said his elder sister took care of Blessing’s medical expenses after she gave birth to the child.


He added that he has been responsible for catering for her and the little boy, including Blessing’s mother who came to nurse the baby for two months in his house at Nnewi Street, Akah Avenue, Effurun, in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State.


Ajayi said that the naming, as well as dedication ceremony, was taken care of by him in the presence of Blessing’s mother who later whisked her away to the home of his rival Kesiena Tito claiming Kesiena was the owner of the child.


He(Ajayi) said he was at home last weekend when Police came to arrest and took him to the Area Command, was forced to say that he was not the father of the child st the station by Kesiena’s family.He claims he also forced to accept N100,000 and also sign an undertaking to forfeit the baby.He added he was even forced to swear an affidavit to which he refused.


Ajayi insists he is the father of the child and he does not intend to sell the baby and requested for a DNA to be carried out but that Kesiena should bear the cost of the DNA.

On the other hand, Kesiena Tito says he has been in a relationship with Blessing, mother of the baby boy in contention for five years saying that they went separate ways ten months ago over an unresolved argument before she gave birth to the baby at Ajayi’s house.


Kesiena Tito said he was responsible for Blessing’s Education over the years.

Blessing Iroroteh while speaking on the issue said that she left Kesiena’s house to live in Ajayi’s house because she felt that Kesiena will not accept the pregnancy and the baby as his own.


Blessing also added that her mother knew that the child does not belong to Ajayi but she still came there to do nurse the baby and took part in the child’s dedication.


The Police have ordered that DNA test would be carried out to determine the true father of Emmanuel or that the matter is charged to court.

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