Amir Khan’s Estranged Wife Hints They Are Back Together.Apologizes to Parents-In-law

Amir Khan and wife are back together

Faryal Makhdoom estranged wife of boxer Amir Khan has given a hint about a reconciliation with the pro boxer after she said her daughter and unborn child do not deserve ‘a broken home’.

Faryal posted a lengthy message on her Twitter handle to her 180,000 followers where she said it was time for her and Khan to put their differences behind them.

The model who is expecting her second child with the boxer also apologized for all the fighting between her and Khan’s parents, which she says has had a terrible effect on her marriage.

She said the past few months have been tough and what makes it worse is that her husband has been out of the ring for some time.She admits her parents-in-law deserve as much respect and love as her parents do.She regrets things she has said in the past that she really did not mean.Faryal apologized for her role in making their family conflict public.

Amir and Faryal got married in 2013, had a public fallout on Twitter earlier in the year, when they both accused each other of infidelity, with Amir Khan even openly accusing his wife of cheating on him with boxing rival Anthony Joshua.

The model fired back at her husband calling him a 30-year-old baby who was sleeping with prostitutes, adding that he was a bad role model.

Joshua responded to Khan’s allegation by, posting Shaggy’s music video ‘It Wasn’t Me’ online, and said he had never met Amir’s wife Faryal.

Khan later came out to apologize to Joshua after he received a letter from Joshua’s legal team demanding for an apology saying his allegations were false.Both Amir and his wife said the boxer was sent fake messages between Faryal and Joshua which Amir initially believed to be true.Joshua accepted the apology by tweeting: ‘apology accepted’.

Trouble started for the couple when Amir’s family accused Faryal of not dressing properly like a Muslim woman should and even called her an evil woman.Faryal, in turn, accused them of physical and verbal abuse.

After several months of public accusations and drama, including family disagreements, rumors of a sex tape and allegations of cheating Amir Khan and his wife Faryal ended up splitting earlier this year.The boxer announced their split on Twitter.


Amir met Faryal when she was just 19 and he was 24 through mutual friends at a party in New York, some seven years ago.At that time Faryal was a student of political science and journalism at Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences in New Jersey.They got engaged two years after they met.

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