Police Shoots Cannibal Who Refused To Stop Eating Woman He Had Killed

south african cannibal shot and jilled

A South African cannibal who was caught eating a woman he beheaded has died after police shot him.
23-year-old Aphiwe Mapekula, passed out in a hail of bullets to his arm, leg, and stomach when police officers tried arresting him in his home.

The cannibal was said to have ignored the warning shots fired as he continued to eat his victim, Thembisa Masumpa’s raw flesh.
Police Officers eventually opened fire on him when he attacked the officers with a knife, police authority said.

Mapekula was said to have cut the throat of 35-year-old Thembisa and removed her head from her body in Mount Frere, South Africa.

His terrified mother called police after she witnessed the gruesome murder, but by the time cops arrived, Mapekula was already feeding on the victim’s raw flesh.
Police Captain Edith Mjoko said that Mikula was then shot after he attacked them with a knife.
The devastated mother of the cannibal said she never raised a son like this one, and never imagined this could happen.

Police originally believed that the cannibal Mapekula had dragged the deceased victim Thembisa from the street before killing her, but his  neighbors say Thembisa did some odd jobs in Mapekula’s home and was washing in the backyard when he attacked and killed her with a knife by cutting her throat.

Mayor Bulelwa Mabengu suspects that Mapekula could have been under the influence of hard drugs.She believes that substance abuse contributed to the detestable act.

Mapekula eventually died under police guard at the Nelson Mandela Hospital, Mthatha.
A spokesperson for the hospital Sizwe Kupelo said Mapekula was transferred with gunshot injuries and needed emergency surgery, but unfortunately, he died.

This case is the second cannibal horror case to hit South Africa in three just weeks.Six Men have been in police custody following the rape, murder, butchering and subsequent eating of a woman in Estcourt.

Police are also investigating the tribe of cannibal witch-doctors and have found eight human ears inside a cooking pot as it was told that villagers were forced into eating flesh because it will make them bulletproof.

The suspects were picked up by police after one of the cannibals walked into a police station with a piece of human arm and a leg saying he does have the taste for human flesh any longer.

The incident made villagers in Estcourt, hold a meeting, where it was discovered that 300 residents admitted they had eaten humans and graves were dug up.The witch-doctors’ homes were raided and severed human body parts and remains were found inside suitcases.


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