Hunter Who Killed His Brother Said He Mistook Him For A Monkey

hunter mistakes brother for a monkey.shoots and kills him

Clement Etila Ekele, a 65-year-old hunter, has been arrested for murder for the murder of his younger brother Monday Ekele who was 45 years old in Kogi State.Clement is allegedly said to have mistaken his brother for a monkey.

It was gathered that on the said day, July 16, in Ikaka village of Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi state, the late Monday went to the farm at about 5.00am. After three hours, at about 8.00am, Clement also left home to the farm with his hunting gun, double barrel.

According to the statement he gave, Clement said he saw a monkey on a tree and he shot it. Then the ‘monkey’ fell down, so he went to the foot of the tree to pick the supposed monkey, and that what he saw was the dead body of his younger brother.

Speaking to The Sun a the Kogi State police command headquarters, where he has been in detention while the matter is still being investigated, Clement, said he hunts for monkeys and has never had any misunderstanding with Monday his younger brother.

Continuing, he said on that day, Monday went to the farm before him, and later on, he also went to the farm with his gun. There, he saw a monkey on the tree and immediately shot at the monkey and killed it but when he moved in, to carry the dead monkey, it turned into his younger brother. He claims he didn’t know what came over him as he could not understand himself.He ran back to the village and started drinking beer and rejoicing.Later on, he told a friend of his named Anthony that he had shot dead his younger brother.

He added that the gods he worships had failed me because he refused to perform certain sacrifices he ought to have done, so they became came angry with him, as he has been a hunter for several years without shooting anyone.

He wondered why he should kill his own brother who lived together with him in the same compound(their houses are opposite each other). He, however, agreed that he has been having issues with the people in his community because they only envy him.

Meanwhile one of the villagers Ali Ibrahim, who spoke to The Sun reporter said that Clement believed so much in charms and had been using his charms to terrorize.Ali said Clement had always threatened to deal with anyone who crossed the path and always made good his threat, so the villagers were all scared of him.The villagers were under some form of bondage whenever he was around and do not want him to return to the village.

Supol Mohammed Balarabe the officer in charge of the Kogi Police Command Homicide Section, said that officers recovered the Dane gun a which was used by Clement to commit the crime.

Meanwhile, the deceased who was the chairman of the vigilante group in the village has been buried.

The suspect is waiting to be arraigned in court for murder by the police.

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