London Tube Bombing:Police Arrest An 18-Year-Old Second Suspect

second suspect arrested over london tube bombing



Armed cops are yesterday afternoon in a raid on a house in Surrey arrested an 18-year-old man believed to have been responsible for planting the Parsons Green Bomb.


A nearby resident told MailOnline that police had found a bomb at the site in Sunbury-on-Thames after about 60 people were evacuated from their apartments.Police had earlier arrested a suspect in the port area of Dover as it seemed he was about to flee the country.

Amber Rudd, Home Secretary described the arrest as a very significant one but added the operation was still ongoing. The arrested suspect was taken to a police station from where he is expected to be transferred to south London officers said.


The arrest comes after Prime Minister Theresa May announced that Britain’s terror threat level has been raised to its highest level amid fears the bombing might inspire copycat attacks.


The Surrey raid took place at a residential address just before 2 pm yesterday afternoon. A Metropolitan Police spokesman said Residents in the buildings surrounding the address were being evacuated as a precautionary measure.


Cordons were put in place at a 100-metre radius to facilitate the Metropolitan Police Service’s operation, which is being supported by colleagues from Surrey Police.The cordon will remain in place until the completion of the search operation.

Sunbury-on-Thames is 37-minutes away by train, from Wimbledon station, where the tube which was bombed started its journey.


Ben Wallace, security minister said the threat level has been elevated to critical because of the likelihood of another attack, just as there is an increased presence of armed police officers was seen in several cities across the country.


One resident who lives on the same road where the house was raided, said cops gave her just one minute to pack her bags, take her children, and leave her premises.

Operation Temperer, which has been reinforced again is in response to the raised terror threat level across the country.It will see soldiers replacing the police at key locations which will include nuclear power plants in order to free up extra armed officers to carry out regular patrols.


Scotland Yard said it is making good progress in hunting down the suspected terrorist who detonated a crude bucket bomb on a commuter train by Parsons Green tube station, west London on Friday.

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