Comedian Kevin Hart Is Being Blackmailed With A Compromising Video of Him

kevin hart is being blackmailed



Kevin Hart apparently was the victim of a failed extortion attempt to the tune of several millions of dollars, and TMZ reports that the FBI is on the case and has a possible suspect.

Law enforcement sources say an anonymous person contacted Kevin’s management and provided the video on Saturday which shows Kevin and a woman in a sexually suggestive position. The video is then cut to a bedroom where there seemed to be sexual activity on a bed, although the people in bed could not be seen.

It is reported that the person demanded millions of dollars in return for keeping the video out of the public.The anonymous person actually made several demands and a point the demand hit an eight-figure amount.

Sources say The FBI knows the identity of the woman who interacted with Kevin, and they believe she is either the one who made the demand for money or someone who got access to the iPhone that was used in recording the encounter made the demand. Whichever way, the FBI thinks they know the identity of the blackmailer.

A close source to Kevin Hart refused to say if he was the one in the bedroom video, although they say the woman who is in the videos has had sexual relations with another TV star and they think that he might be the one in the bedroom recording.The source also says the video was recorded with an iPhone that was hidden in the room, making the video without his consent which is illegal.

The woman at the center of the video was clearly captured and the extortionist admits the reason for the video was money, and to expose Kevin.

The video which is 4 minute and 47 seconds was highly produced, with audio from Kevin Hart on various radio interviews as the video continues to roll. After the video cuts to a bedroom scene where it seemed that two people are having sex on a bed, but the identities of the people are not shown.However, afterward, a naked man is seen walking in the room which definitely looks like Kevin Hart.

Also in the video Kevis voice can be heard on interviews saying he had been unfaithful in his first marriage and that now that he is 36 years old, he has learned to handle things differently especially because it was easy to get caught.

The extortionist says the actual reason Kevin Hart organized the Texas Hurricane Relief Fund, was because he knew the damaging video would be released anytime as he had already been contacted.The blackmailer said he/she had made several attempts to release the information to blogs in exchange for money.

Kevin’s camp says that Kevin’s hurricane relief efforts had nothing to do with what was on the video.
In July, Kevin was caught in a compromising position with a woman inside a car in Miami in a picture which was taken around 5 am.The comedian denied claims that he was cheating on his pregnant wife.

In a video yesterday, Kevin posted on Instagram,he apologized to his wife and kids for something he claimed to have done but he failed to mention his actual offense.

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