Selena Gomez Undergoes Kidney Transplant

selene gomez udergoes kidney transplant

Twenty-fiver-year-old singer Selena Gomez has revealed she had a secret a kidney transplant this summer to help her fight against her other health condition Lupus.

She also revealed that her best friend Francia Raisa who she referred to a sister was the donor and praised her for givingher the ultimate gift and sacrifice.She made this known in an emotional Instagram post, adding that she was incredibly blessed.She also shared a hospital photo of both of them in the hospital, and another photo of the surgical scar.

In an emotional statement, the former child star thanked her family and the team of doctors who carried out the surgery as well as her friend Francia Raisa.She added that the surgery was something she needed to do to help her take care of her overall health.

Selena’s friend and donor Francia Raisa is a model cum actress who is Los Angeles, and the daughter of Renan Coello, a radio personality.

She has been friends with Selena since 2008 and has celebrated their friendship in her past Instagram posts.

Francia started her acting career in 2005 in a show ‘Over There’ and made her first film in the 2006 movie hit Bring It On: All or Nothing.

Selena also shared a link to the Lupus Research Alliance website via her Instagram post, encouraging people to look into the condition.

The singer has always spoken about her battle with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. In May 2016 she announced she was donating proceeds from sales of tickets for her Revival tour to Lupus Research.But a few months later she pulled out of the tour on health grounds.

In 2015, Selena canceled her Stars Dance tour in order to undergo chemotherapy treatment for the disease. At which point rumors had it she may have lupus or had an addiction problem.She finally came public in October of 2015 about her fight with the disease in an interview with Billboard.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body begins to attack itself, the body attacks it healthy tissues which results in swelling or inflammation, joint aches and damage.It attacks the kidney, skin, and heart as well as the blood.

Lupus is not contagious and 90 percent of sufferers are women.There is no cure for Lupus but its symptoms can be controlled by medication.

selene gomez udergoes kidney transplant

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