Arsenal vs FC Cologne Match Delayed As 17,000 Cologne Fans Plan To Gatecrash?

cologne fans storm emirate stadium

The match between Arsenal and Fc Cologne was delayed as German football fans fought with police after they tried to storm into Emirates Stadium.

Only 3,000 of the 20,000 FC Cologne supporters who traveled to London for their Europa League encounter yesterday, had tickets.

Police tried to keep the crowd in control, but fans are seen kicking down metal barriers and fighting with police officers, a video footage shows.

The match had to be delayed for an hour in the for crowd safety, with supporters momentarily prevented from entering the 60,000 capacity stadium.

Witnesses say that Cologne fans fought with cops on the terraces with pictures showing groups of the German side supporters throwing themselves over stewards and goading police dog units.

A spokesman for Metropolitan Police said its Officers were dealt with the disorder at the Emirates Stadium where fans had gathered for the Arsenal vs FC Koln match. A security plan was put in place for the game. Additional officers were also been deployed.

Despite the chaos in the stadium, the match finally kicked-off at of 9.05pm.

Earlier in the day groups of Cologne fans, dressed in the team’s colors of red and white, caused a scene as they marched through central London, onto Oxford Street and then through the narrow streets of Soho.

Most of them wanted to have a drink, sing and snap pictures, but a video also shows two men been punched in the hours before the match as tensions began to mount.Workers and passersby watched as the fan drummed and marched as they took over the city’s busiest area before the whole scene became violent in central London.

This was Cologne’s first match in Europe for over twenty 20 years and their fanatical fans were determined to make the most of the experience.Cologne was said to have been short of pounds sterling as the demand from fans who planned to travel to London for the game increased.

Despite the unrest and disorder, the Metropolitan Police spokesman said no arrests were made.He acknowledged that the fans did throw bottles but that there was no significant disorder.

police controls crowd at the  emiratesstadium

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