Young Female Suicide Bomber Kills Five In Cameroon Mosque

female suicide bomber kills5 in cameroon


A report by NAN says that a young girl who was strapped with an explosive killed at least five worshippers in a Northern Cameroonian mosque and authorities said the attack had the hallmarks of Boko Haram terrorists.


Midjiyawa Bakary, Governor of Cameroon’s Far North region, while speaking with Reuters on the telephone on Thursday, said the girl, aged between 12 and 13 years, arrived at the Sanda-Wadjiri Mosquebetween 5 a.m and in remote Kolofata.


He said that immediately worshippers bowed to pray, the girl entered the Mosque and detonated the bomb, killing five people and also killing herself in the process.

Bakary Midjiyawa said Boko Haram group had used suicide bombers severally and had strapped even children with bombs to strike at civilian and military targets.


Boko Haram insurgents who are, now split into at least two factions, say they were fighting to bring back a medieval Islamic caliphate in the Lake Chad region, where Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad meet.


Coalition forces from the four countries(Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroun) have dispersed the group in the territory it once controlled, but the group re-strategized by scattering and stepping up attacks on civilians.


Last week, Amnesty International said that Boko Haram had killed about 381 civilians in Nigeria and Cameroon since the April this year, more than twice that for the preceding five months.


Of the number of deaths, 158 were in Cameroon, which the Human rights group has linked to an increase in suicide bomb attacks.The worse attack was in July which killed 16 people in Waza.

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