Grenfell Tower Residents Who Climbed To The Roof To Be Rescued By Helicopter All Died

grenfell tower on fire

About thirty-five or forty people who went up to the roof of the Grenfell tower when the building went up in flames thinking they would be rescued by helicopter all died, a survivor has claimed.

Farhad Neda who carried his disabled mother Flora, aged 55 to safety, were the only people who survived from the 23rd floor after they raced through corridors filled with smoke and filled with bodies to safety.

Mr. Farhad said many people came up to their floor during the inferno, saying they had been told to do so by firefighters in readiness for a helicopter rescue.

But London Fire Brigade has said it does not use a helicopter for rescues operations high-rise tower fires.

Mr. Neda who saved his mother has been widely praised for his actions.His mother had fainted after she inhaled smoke.The graduate of engineering immediately grabbed his mother by her arm and carried her over his shoulder and started the 240ft descent, down to safety as the Grenfell Tower fire raged on.

After safely making the descent down the smoke-filled stairway, both mother and son went into a coma in the hospital.

Unfortunately, Mr. Saber, Farhad’s father, a taxi driver who was aged 57, died after he remained on the top floor.Farhad believes his father had stayed behind to assist other residents.He eventually jumped from the building and died.

As he walked over dead bodies in the stairway to safety he told his mother, they were just the fire brigade’s hoses he was stepping on.

After he came out of the coma he got himself discharged from the hospital to search his missing father but was told his dad had died and the injuries showed as though he had fallen from a height.

Mr. Farhad Neda said him and his parents had only gotten home about thirty minutes before the outbreak of the inferno.They were getting ready for bed when his mother mentioned that there was a burning smell she perceived.

He added that they did not give it much thought since the fire alarm did not go off and they did not actually see the fire as it started from the other side of the building.

While still in their flat, they made calls to other neighbors that had already made it out of the building as well as Farha’s school friends that lived around the tower.

The neighbors and friends told him to remain in their flat as the fire brigade was on their way up to rescue them.Then, they saw their neighbors from downstairs running up and banging on doors telling everyone to get out that there was no way out of the fire.

An Iranian lady whose son wanted to come help said there wasn’t any need as the fire brigade was coming to rescue them with a helicopter.

The Grenfell Tower fire incident killed about 80 people and a public inquiry into the inferno is to begin soon.

Sixty of the victims have now been identified by DNA while the remaining twenty people have not yet been identified.

grenfell tower on fireimage credit:AFP

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