Depression Signs To Watch Out For

Depression signs to look out for

The rate at which suicide cases are been reported these days is alarming.There is cause for depression as a medical condition to be discussed. Just a few days ago, it was reported that a Lagos State civil service director with the ministry of youths, Oludare Buraimoh reportedly committed suicide in his home.

Oludare was said to have administered treatment to his son who was ill and left to his room, where his body was later found dangling from a ceiling fan.He was said to have shown no signs of depression.

Depression is a mental health condition which gives a sufferer an overwhelming feeling of isolation, sadness, and despair.It affects the way a person feels, thinks, and functions. The mental condition can interfere with a person’s daily life significantly and may sometimes prompt the thought of suicide. This feeling is different from the sad or lonely feeling caused by the death of a loved one or of challenging life situations.

Depression has no age limit as it can affect people irrespective of their age or race or socioeconomic class, it strikes at any time. The condition is two times more common in than in men.

People who suffer depression experience various symptoms, but most common of the symptoms is a very deep feeling of sadness, followed by the lack of interest in daily activities.Other symptoms that may be experienced include lowered sex drive, a feeling of hopelessness, too much or too little sleep, restlessness, withdrawal from social activities, inability to make decisions or to concentrate, crying for no reason and thoughts of suicide.

The causes of depression have not been not fully understood.However, scientists believe a probable imbalance in the brain’s signaling chemicals could be responsible for the condition in most patients.

There are several theories about what this imbalance is and what signaling chemicals are actually involved. Several distressing life experiences are also associated with depression, including financial problem, joblessness, separation from a partner and childhood trauma.

Sometimes, depression could be caused by a combination of factors which could be genetic, environmental, biological or psychological factors.Some medical conditions like heart disease or cancer could also contribute to depression which hormonal imbalance such as those experienced after birth, or at the menopausal stage in women.Also sleeping pills and medication for high blood pressure could lead to depression.

For a person to be said to be suffering from depression, he or she must show at least five of the listed symptoms for at least two weeks.

Treatment for depression usually involves anti-depressant prescription drugs, and psychological therapy or counseling.

We may need to watch out for our loved ones and close relatives as statistics show that most patients do not get help when they should and some do not even know they suffer from depression.


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