Suspected Ritual Killer Ifeanyichukwu Dike Narrates How He Escaped From Police Custody

suspected ritual killer ifeanyichukwu dike

Ifeanyichukwu Dike, the suspected ritual killer who was arrested for killing an 8-year-old girl in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, after raping her and cutting her vital body parts, and later escaped from police custody was re-arrested last week Thursday in Plateau State.

He said the absence of electricity supply at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Port Harcourt on the day he was taken into police custody helped him escape from the station.He said it was not true that JohnBosco Okoroeze, the Investigating Police Officer who is been tried in court for assisting the suspect escape aided him in his prison break.

suspected ritual killer ifeanyichukwu dike

Ifeanyi Dike was arrested on August 19th for raping and killing his young niece, Chikamso Victory Mezuwuba, in Eliozu community in the Port Harcourt metropolis.

He later escaped from State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) while he was being led to the cell.

The suspected killer was re-arrested in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State last week Thursday.He was paraded again on Monday by the Commissioner of Police in Rivers state Ahmed Zaki after he arrived from the Plateau state command who had re-arrested him.He was consequently charged to a Magistrate court under very tight security in Port Harcourt who declined to hear the matter saying it lacked the powers to hear the case and referred it to the department of Public persecution.

The suspect while speaking with journalists said he took advantage of the cover of darkness in the premises of Police station.He said when he was asked to go into the cell and escaped, without anybody knowing when he sneaked out.

In his words, he said that at the SCID, after he entered his statement late on the evening of the fateful day after his first parade, the IPO asked him to go inside the cell, that was when he had the chance to run away. The IPO did not help him escape, he said. He admits that what he did was wrong, and pleased for forgiveness and mercy.He was arrested in Jos, Plateau state for another crime.

Further speaking, he said when he got to Jos, due to his injuries, he wasn’t able to get a proper place to go to and because he was hungry, his aunt he was caught where he went to search for food. As he was being interrogated, he gave his auntie’s number so the policeman who was interrogating him his aunt who told him Dike was wanted by the Police in Rivers State.

Initially, he said he was hiding his identity, but immediately the Police called his aunt, she informed them that he was wanted and she gave the IPO’s number to the police in Jos.The IPO in Jos Contacted called the IPO in Port Harcourt who confirmed he was indeed wanted.He was consequently transferred back to Rivers State on Sunday.

The Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ahmed Zaki, while speaking with the press said Dike’s re-arrest was an act of God.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father, Ernest Mezuwuba, is calling for justice.He also attributed the re-arrest of the suspect to God’s handiwork.He insisted that there are other people behind the death of his daughter and pleaded with the police to help fish out all those involved.

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