Kendal Jenner In Legal Trouble For Using Tupac Shakur’s Image On Her T-shirt

Kendal Jenner T-shirt with Tupac's Image

21-year old-millionaire Kendal Jenner is in legal hot water.What she thought will be another money making venture has turned out to be trouble for the entrepreneur.

Kendal is facing a lawsuit for allegedly using the photographs of the late west coast rap icon Tupac Shakur and that of his east coast rival The Notorious BIG, aka Biggie on one of her T-shirts without seeking permission.

Al Pereira a New York-based snapper filed the suit against Kendal’s company after he discovered his image, as well as that of Redman, was used as a backdrop for a new design featuring the face of the professional clotheshorse.


TMZ reports that he submitted the papers against Kendall Jenner Inc. in which he claims Kendal had no right to use his image.

The T-shirt which has the inscription ‘Trust Nobody’ features Tupac and his rival Notorious BIG, who was widely believed to be behind the murder of Tupac in 1996.

Lesane Parish Crooks, aka Notorious BIG, was later shot dead by an unknown assailant in a drive-by shooting in 1997.

Kendal T-Shirt line has a number of law suits, a photographer who took another picture of the late Tupac is also suing her company while B.I.G’s estate is also threatening a lawsuit.

The shirts have since been taken offline, however that has not pacified the owners of the original pictures.

Mr. Pereira is a photographer whose specialty is in music. He has taken pictures of rock big stars like Paul McCartney, and U2.In hip hop, he took early pictures Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z.He said his work was done for the love of photography and music and not for money.

The controversy about the T-shirts started sometime in June.In a statement in July, Kendal said the lawsuit was baseless as there have not been any infringements on anybody’s rights as the pictures were bought from a company who had the legal rights to sell them.

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