Women Who Are Apple-Shaped Face Increased Risk Of Cancer

abdominal fat increases cancer risk

A new research has shown that women who are shaped like an Apple are more at risk of cancer.
Having excess fat in the abdomen makes women have a more than 50 per cent likely chance to have lung and bowel tumors, the study found.

‘Spare tyres’ in the abdomen trigger insulin increase, which disrupts hormone production, while too much of body fat increases chronic inflammation.Both situations are linked to cancer, experts say.

Line Mærsk Staunstrup from Nordic Bioscience and ProScion in Denmark, says the start of menopause in women, triggers a shift of body fat to a very high level of abdominal adiposity, which may mediate obesity-related cancer risk.It is best to avoid central fat as it is the best form of protection against these tumors.

About 5,855 of women in their menopause stages were examined by the researchers with a mean age of 71.

At the beginning of the study in 1999, the participants of the research had their body fat scanned and were put into classes of high or low abdominal fat ratios.They had more scans over a period of twelve years and their cancer status was assessed through their medical records. Fat in the abdomen was determined to have 50 percent increased risk of lung or gastrointestinal cancer, like those affecting the bowel.

These findings have been presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology Congress in Spain.

Ms. Staunstrup adds that elderly women should be more aware of their lifestyle as they near the pre-menopausal age as an increase in the insulin levels in the body results in the accumulation of fat.

Insulin increase has an adverse effect in the productions of hormones and adipose cells in fat tissues increase chronic inflammation in the body which is also a risk factor for cancer.

Dr. Andrea De Censi, of Galliera Hospital, Genova, says Italy, says the link between obesity or fat around the abdominal to lung cancer is a new and intriguing discovery.

Hopefully, these findings will open the door for doctors to begin a number of interventions in patients who suffer obesity.


An adjusted diet which will aid in fat loss along with exercise will assist obese patients.

Another study shows that people who have cancer and decide on alternative medicine treatment over the convention cancer treatment are likely to die two-and-a-half times faster within five years of diagnosis.

About 41 percent of patients who receive the conventional cancer treatment for lung cancer survive for a minimum of five years, while only 20 percent of patients who opt for alternative medicine treatment do so, the research concludes.