The Sad Reality of Incestuous Relationships.A Must Read!!!

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Some stories we read about may sound unbelievable sometimes and we wonder if there is any truth in them, but sadly as unbelievable as they sound, they are also true.

What you are about to read is a sad story about the wickedness of a father to his own daughter from his loins.This incest story begins when the supposed 67-year-old father John Oyewo of Mafinle in Ilorin South LGA, in Kwara state who was married to a lady identified only by her first name Yetunde, whom he later parted ways with to marry another lady called Fisayo in 1992.

Yetunde had a daughter named Esther with John. At the age of 15, she would go spend some time with her father and his new wife, who was a businesswoman and as such spent most of her time away from home.In the course Esther’s several visits to her father, an unholy love affair began between the duo.

Esther, recalling the beginning of the forbidden affair, said her father came home on a particular night while she was asleep, he woke her up and asked if she had taken my bath, to which she replied no. He then asked her to come bathe with him and she innocently joined him.

While they were in the bathroom, she said her father started touching her sensitive parts.She said she was irritated and initially resisted him but he continued and when she could no longer resist him she became aroused and responded to his arousal.They had it right there in the bathroom. It became a regular occurrence from then on.She said she was scared but had nowhere to go, so she endured it.

Along the line, the affair led to Esther’s first pregnancy. She gave birth to a child who later died soon after birth under circumstance she could not explain. Yet the sacrilegious affair did not stop. She got pregnant for her father again a second time and delivered a child whom they called Oreoluwa.

At this point, the family and relations had had enough of the abomination and sent both John and Esther away community, they were banished. That was how the father and daughter left their house to settle in their present residence at Manfile area, Upper Gaa Akanbi.

While there, Oreoluwa who was a healthy child and had started walking, suddenly became ill and subsequently died.

To add to Esther’s ordeal, her father cum lover suddenly turned into an imbecile, wandered away from home and has not been seen again, till date. As of today, Esther who is now 39 years old, is sick, the nature of the illness, she does not want the public to know.

She says however that an NGO is helping her. Lamenting to The Sun News she said she has committed a crime that has ruined her entire life.

Unfortunately, these type of cases abound in our society, but sadly they are not reported to the authorities because of the fear of stigmatization, and the victims who are usually the girl child continue to suffer psychologically and emotionally.And children born out of incestuous relationships never have a normal life, as most times they are not emotionally stable and sometimes have multiple personalities.

The reason why a father will choose to sleep with his daughter amongst the vast number of women in the world is still baffling. Probably such people need to be mentally examined.

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