Mother Kills Her Newborn Baby To Get Rich Quick

mother kills infant for riches

Kwaseve Fagal, a 38-year-old woman said the reason she decided to kill her newborn baby boy without blinking or thinking about the act a second time is that she wanted to become rich overnight.

Mrs. Kwaseve Fagal, who comes from Gakerko village, hardworking Keana Local Government Area, Nassarawa State, said that she had been worried over her husband’s inability to come out of poverty despite the fact that they struggle daily to make ends meet.

According to Kwaseve, instead of things to get better through their daily struggle and hard work, their situation instead worsened to the point that they are unable to put food on the table. She said sometimes, that her family stayed for days without any food to eat, and this made her slip into emotional despair.

She made this known while been paraded by the Police at the Criminal Investigation Department of the Nasarawa State police command.

While confessing to her crime, Mrs. Kwaseve Fagal said Life had become very difficult for her husband and herself, to the point that having food daily was a problem, not to talk about taking care of the two children they already had.She said the children were not feeding properly and they go hungry for days because we don’t have money to purchase food.

Further speaking, she added that though they are farmers, things didn’t just work well for them. That was why she consented to kill her son when a herbalist in their community, Alhaji Abass Loko, who is from Kaduna State approached her with the promise of lifting the burden of poverty.

Kwaseve said she was six months pregnant whenthe said Alhaji offered her help, and she happily grabbed it, even though the price was her unborn child.

The State Police Commissioner, Abubakar Sadiq-Bello, while at a briefing, said on the 14th of August, 2017, the accused who had nursed her full-term pregnancy, delivered a baby boy at her home, but the excitement of the father of the child Mr. Paul Fagal, who is aged 40, was short-lived.

The couple, who are peasant farmers, had had two children previously in their 14 years of being married, the birth of the baby lifted the spirit the father who has been struggling to take care of his family for years.

Paul did not know that his wife had not been taking their years of turmoil lightly and was about dining with the devil to ‘assist’ her husband in getting out of poverty.

Based on the instruction of Alhaji Abass the herbalist, Kwaseve secretly carried the newborn baby to a secluded part of the village after birth and murdered him.She then put his blood in a clay pot and dumped the body into a nearby stream.

Trouble started when the sudden disappearance of the infant aroused tension in the community.

The village head of the community Mathew Oloko summoned all the women in the village for questioning and issued a threat to further carry out a traditional probe into the matter. Kwaseve was eventually fingered as the perpetrator of the evil act.

She subsequently led a search party to the stream where the decomposed remains of the baby were recovered.Kwaseve refused to say the reason why she committed the atrocity till she was arrested by the police.


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