Was The 9/11 Terror Attack A US Planned Atrocity?

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On Monday will be the 16th anniversary of the infamous September eleven 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA. Some conspiracy theorists, however, believe that the official report about the attack as being the handiwork of Osama Bin Laden’s loyalist was false.

Matt Campbell who lost his brother is one of those.On Monday Matt will be protesting the death of his brother Geof and 66 other British citizens in front of BBC House in London. They were killed in the World Trade Centre attack.

Geof who was a risk analyst was attending a conference on the 106th floor of the WTC which was a few meters from the home he shared with his fiance Carolina.After the attack there was no trace of Geof.

His family initially believed he could still be alive until about a year later that some fragments of a shoulder blade which had Geof’s DNA were discovered at the World Trade Center site.

Matt started asking questions, and has not stopped since then. Him along with others who will be at the protest on monday ,have refuse to accept the aircraft which flew into the building was hijacked by islamist terrorists.

Another airliner crashed into the Defence Headquarters at the Pentagon in Washington DC.While the last attack was in rural Pennsylvania, after a struggle between the hijackers and passengers.This was later portrayed in a movie titled United 93.

After about seven hours, another tower at the World Trade Centre, WTC7, collapsed to the ground over seven seconds, yet it was not hit by any plane.

The building, which was 100 yards from the 110-storey high Twin Towers, stood at less than half the height of the other building with 47 floors, and only a small number of people know of its existence.The building was evacuated after the planes hit the other the main towers.

A total of, 2,977 people were killed in the attacks, provoking then President Bush to embark on a ‘War On Terror’ which led to the invasion of Iraq, with the UK joining the war.

Matt believes that the there was a huge official cover up as to the actaual events surrounding that attack as he believes what the public was told is not enrirely true.He says the American authorities and the British establishment still have unanswered questions as he says those victims were murdered.

A survey carried out in the US says that Americans believe that it was not possible for fire to cause the WTC7 to collapse, and 53 percent of Americans believe this theory of conspiracy on the part of the Government.They say the authorities are concealing the truth.

In a new book authored by retired philosopher Professor David Ray Griffin, states that to believe a building made of steel to collapse as result of fire ratherthan from expolsive wa similar to asking the popoulace to believe in ‘miracles’.He believes that the twin towers were delibrately bombed.

One of the reason sceptics are doubting the government is that none of the hijacked planes was intercepted by fighter jets ,which was a US standard policy when hijacking was suspected, when there was sufficient time to do so.

Some other claims are that it was a possible repeat of an aborted plan during the JFK regime to cause terror attacks and blame it on Cuba in a bid to topple Fidel Castro’s regime.

Another theory is the abnormalties noticed in the stock markets, days before the attack, there are claims that iregular trade dealings were observed in the American and United airlines which had four of the hijacked planes.

There are several other theories about a conspiracy against the government but the US intelligence service has continually denied the allegations.

As the 16th-anniversary approaches, families of victims are still seeking answers to clear their doubts.

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