Here’s Why You Should Never Miss A Meal For Weight Loss

image of fruits for dinner

Most times, people battling weight issues tend to fall for the myth that eating less during the day and eventually skipping your dinner will help in burning unwanted calories in the body.This is not to true as experts say this practice is actually detrimental to the body.Unhealthy eating practice is bad!

The side effects of the unhealthy practice sometimes show instantly and allows you to take care of them, while some others will not show immediately but will accumulate over a period of time resulting in weight gain and fatigue.

Most people especially ladies may probably not be health conscious but are certainly weight conscious.In order to check the excessive weight gain, some peopleĀ  make time to exercise while others want the easy way out.

Several programs and diet plans are available that offer faster and immediate results are available but we are unaware of the later effects these regimes have on our body.

For one to successfully lose weight, the number of calories we take into the body has to be reduced and a lot of people believe that the way to achieving this is through skipping meals, usually dinner.

Not giving our bodies food for long periods leads to major physical and even psychological issues.Skipping a meal is never a good idea because starving the body of nutrients leads to a break down of the body metabolism.

This can also lead to other issues like depression and anxiety.Instead of skipping dinner, it is better to have an early dinner and go for a walk before retiring to bed.Eat light but healthy.Increase protein intake while reducing the amount of carbohydrate we consume.

If you feel lazy in making dinner, there are options available to help you have a quick dinner.Oats meal is a good example of what can pass for dinner while rice and wheat are not healthy options.If your major aim in wanting to skip dinner is weight loss, going on fruits and vegetables is a good option, that way your body benefits.

During the day, if you skip meals for long hours you end up filling the gap with junk food which at the end of the day increases your calorie intake which of course translates to weight gain.

Another reason why meals should not be skipped is the increased risk of having some diseases.Studies have shown that ladies who regularly skip having breakfast have a 20 percent increased chances of coming down with type two diabetes while men who skip breakfast have a risk of having heart disease.

For those who try to work out, when you skip meals and also exercise on an empty stomach you tend to sweat more than those who have fuelled up their stomach.

When you go through your day without meals, carrying out your professional duties or your normal daily routine, at the point when the body can no longer handle the fasting, the body begins to react.One begins to have a head ache, you feel tired and sick and definitely, this will affect the brain’s ability to perfume optimally.

So, the next time you consider skipping a meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner for whatever reasons, be it weight loss or just being lazy to fix your meal, consider the long term effects this may have on your body and overall health.It’s never a good idea to miss a meal.

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