Common Underwear Mistakes Ladies Make

ladies underwear common mistakes

It’s not out of place for some ladies not to put a lot of thought into their underwear when getting dressed up every day. Some of us probably worry more about the clothes we put on that covers the underwear.Well, it’s about time we had a change from this as wearing the wrong pair or mishandling these essential pieces of clothing could be detrimental to us.

Here are some DON’TS we should avoid as we get set to hit the road.

Top on the list is wearing Thongs popularly called G-string.Though G-strings are perfect for solving panty line problems, it’s, however, a very easy way to get bacteria transferred to the vagina.If there are a little bacteria on the back part of thong fabric, for instance, E.coli, a very common bacteria in the colon, and by chance the fabric moves(believe me it does move when you are active), it would successfully deposit bacteria in your veejay. Apart from the bacteria risk, ever being a victim of irritation from wearing G-strings?I bet you didn’t like the feeling.No one wants to be sore down there!

Cotton underwear has been around for so long and it has been said to be the best type of underwear to use because the fabric ‘breathes’. But it’s definitely not so sexy and we tend not to look its way when we go shopping.By ignoring it, however, we are harming ourselves because it is actually the healthiest.

Synthetic materials do not breathe, thus the risk of trapping and retaining moisture is increased, which can lead to bacterial infection or yeast infection.However, if you can get a silk or synthetic underpants with cotton on the crotch area, you could still rock it.

Wearing underwear to bed is another one we need to drop.Let’s face it we still do this sometimes right?But it advisable to give ‘IT’ some space at night.That does not mean you should be in your birth suit, but if you are sleeping in a PJ, lose the underwear so moisture is not retained at night and the area is kept dry.This will reduce yeast infection.

I have heard some ladies say they don’t wear underwear during the day.While it may cool sometimes, it’s actually not good for the skin down there.Now, consider wearing a jeans trouser without undies, I’m sure it will end up bruising the very delicate skin there.This would lead to injuries that could become infected.Still, want to go pants-free during the day?

Ladies should also avoid wearing undersized pants.While it is not nice to wear oversized undies, it also bad to wear panties that are too small for you as you could also end up with chafed skin and irritation around the sensitive area. Underwear should have a little space to allow air in and avoid trapping moisture which could lead to infection.

Putting your panties in the dryer is also not good it, it’s best to sun-dry them on a clothing line or hangers, as the dryer easily destroys the fabric of your undies and they end up saggy.

Finally, when washing your underpants, be careful to choose a detergent that is not so strong because your vagina area is very delicate and strong detergents could cause dermatitis.Try using the ones with less perfume.

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