Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s Son Accused of Drug Deals

Rodrigo Duterte's son Paolo Duterte with his brother inlaw carprio

Paolo Duterte, son of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has told a Senate committee that he had no links to a seized consignment of $125m worth of hard drugs imported from China saying the allegation of his involvement in the drug trade was baseless.

Rodrigo Duterte has been cracking down on drug dealers who is says are destroying Philippine.However, his Opponents believe that his son Paolo had possibly helped the entry of the drug shipment into the country at the port of Manila, the country’s capital.

While answering questions at the senate, Paolo who is the vice Mayor of the city of Davao, said he could not answer questions of allegations based on hearsay and not evidence.He added that his presence at the Senate was for the people of Philippine and his fellow Davaoenos whom he serves.

Rodrigo Duterte said he had urged his son Paolo to attend the Senate investigation hearing if he wasn’t hiding anything.

President Duterte has said also that he would resign if his opponents can prove that any member of his family was involved in any form of corruption.

One of the president’s critics, Senator Antonio Trillanes, provided the Senate panel with pictures of Paolo Duterte alongside a businessman who is behind the drug shipment.

Manases Carpio who is the president Duterte’s son-in-law has also been accused of having links to the shipment of drugs from China in May.He told the senate hearing committee that he had no involvement whatsoever with the illegal deal.

Reports say this is not the first time Paolo Duterte is been implicated in drug dealing cases.
In 2007, a government documentation shows that Paolo Duterte was implicated by the drug enforcement agency (DEA) as one of the drug protectors in Davao city, their hometown in the southern Philippines.

A lot of rights groups who are against Duterte’s bloody war on narcotics are calling out his son Paolo Duterte and Carpio for their privilege of having links with the president.

At the Senate hearing, the Duterte’s family members are given the opportunity to explain their side of the issue, read out their opening statements, provided with the best lawyers and have due process in court, as against those who got killed by the police on the streets or in their homes without the luxury of stating whether they were innocent or not.

Word on the streets is that there is intelligence information from an undisclosed foreign country that Duterte’s son Paolo is a member of a criminal gang, saying the proof of this is a dragon-like tattoo he has on his back which has secret digits.

When asked about the said tattoo, Paolo Duterte agreed that he has a tattoo, but refused to describe it.Asked if he would allow the tattoo to be photographed and sent to the US for the secret digits to be decoded, he replied: ‘No way’.He also refused to answer questions about his bank accounts.

Spokesperson to the presidency said the Paolo and Carpio’s attendance to the hearing proves that they ready to face the allegations aimed at assassinating their character.

So far, since Duterte became President, the anti-drug the police have reportedly killed about 3,800 people with much more unexplained murders in the anti-drug war.

The police have denied that they kill the drug dealers claiming that they shoot only in self-defense.


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