Celebrities Criticize Donald Trump Over DREAMER Amnesty Cancellation

Dreamer protesters protesting cancellation of amnesty



Many celebrities as well public personalities have spoken out criticizing President Donald Trump’s decision to terminate the DREAMERS’ amnesty granted to young immigrants who entered the US as minors.


Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, also known as DREAMERS was made known through an announcement by the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, where he made it known that the program will be rescinded in the next six months.He also called the program illegal and said that former President Barack Obama violated the Constitution by granting the migrants amnesty. Read here

As protests continue around the country, some celebrities are giving suggestions as to how people could help the over 800,000 persons who will be negatively affected.

71-year-old musician Cher said those Who have the capability Must Take at least a DREAMER into their home and Protect them.She says she is willing to this and wishes others in her line of business follow suit and do same.When criticized by follower saying she will only believe Cher when she sees it, the singer clapped back, asking her to keep her eyes open, using the ‘b’ word.

Michael Moore a documentarian, has encouraged more people to be actively involved in the demonstrations against the rescinding of DACA.Adding this is the time to show up if America was ever going to be a decent country, then this was the time to protest.

The surprise decision by President Trump has also been condemned by many corporate bigwigs and captains of industry, including Tom Cook, Apple CEO, who stands with those who have gained from the policy.He said two hundred and fifty of his colleagues are DREAMERS and they deserve respect.
Bob Iger, Chief Executive officer of Walt Disney Company describes the decision as misguided and cruel.In a tweet, he said, Dreamers contribute to America’s economy and Congress must act to protect them.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO also spoke with a strong statement shared to his social media handle.He said it was a sad day for America.While encouraging people to get in touch with their representatives in Congress to air their grievances, he added that it was wrong and cruel punish young people in his way after encouraging them to come out of their shadows and trust the American government.

Immediate past president Barack Obama who through an executive order enacted the DACA program in June 2012 also spoke his mind about the distressing news in a Facebook statement.

In the statement, he said Immigration issues can be a controversial topic.Everyone wants a dynamic economy as well as safe and secure borders.People of goodwill can have genuine disagreements as to how to fix the immigration system such that everybody plays by the rules.

He added that the decision the White House has taken is not about safe borders. The issue here is about young people who study in American schools, some of whom are starting their careers and have pledged allegiance to the American flag, Americans in all but one way: on paper!

Targeting these young people who have no wrong, is unfair, they did not come to America on their own, they take away nothing from the other American.They serve the American military and surely contribute to the economy.Their future should therefore not be threatened, the statement concluded.


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