North Korea Could Kill Thousands Of Australians In One Nuclear Strike

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un

North Korea seems undeterred in its drive to be recognized as a force among the big nations of the world as it recently launched yet another nuclear missile in the midst of growing criticism of its nuclear tests.

In a recent report, it is believed that tens of thousands of Australian citizens would be killed instantly if the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea targets one of Australia’s cities with a nuclear missile.

The power crazy nation over the weekend carried out its 6th Nuclear test after it detonated a bomb which was about 100 kiloton under a mountain. This comes after a few days of launching a missile over Japan.A move that has been seen as very provocative.

The DPRK has in recent past threatened to send missiles towards Guam, a US territory, increasing tensions between North Korea, The US and the rest of the Western world, prompting sanctions on it, which so far has not moved the dictator.

If Kim Jong Un designs a missile which can carry a nuclear bomb just like the one it launched on Sunday, It could kill about 126,000 persons if targetted at Sydney, in Australia.By estimation, If the bomb is dropped on Pitt street in Sydney, the bomb would destroy a substantive part of the capital city.
People will die from radiation poisoning and suffer severe burns as well, from radiation radius.

North Korea has also claimed that it has a hydrogen bomb ready in its arsenal that can fit into an ICBM that could reach the United States of America if launched.This claim has however not been verified.This is even more frustrating because spying on the country is very difficult as information can not be easily accessed.The citizens do not speak to foreigners without authorization.
Australia’s foreign minister Julie Bishop says Australia favors diplomatic and economic solutions to the North Korea issue rather than a military solution or action.

Ms. Bishop while speaking at an Australia-Japan event at the Australian National University on Wednesday, said the use of sanctions and a peaceful resolution of the issue.

She added that it will a catastrophe for any military intervention in the resolution of the crisis, rather hard biting sanctions should be applied.

But it seems the sanctions are not effective, life is still normal in the DPRK, they do not seem to be affected in any way by the sanctions imposed so far.

In fact, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has also said sanctions are not yielding the desired results.A possible indication that Russia may support a military solution.

The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are considering more sanctions across various sectors in response to the North’s sixth powerful nuclear test last weekend.

While the United Nations is trying to find a solution, some are of the opinion that the fiery rhetorics between the US and North Korea should stop as it tends to fire up the situation on the ground.

The hit is also on China for not doing enough and not imposing trade sanctions on North Korea as China is seen as one the biggest countries DPRK does trade with.Although China has agreed to sanction North Korea in the UN emergency meetings held, more is expected of the country which thus far has not been forthcoming.

US president Donald Trump has said that he is considering sanctions on all countries carrying out trade dealings with North Korea in a bid to tighten the noose around the North.


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